Make a Donation

Bethesda Home and our residents are always grateful for your generous support. Thank you for helping us to continue our mission: providing the highest quality care in the name of Christ for the frail, elderly, and retired.

Due to safety requirements and the highly specific and medical nature of our needs, we are unable to accept physical donations of wish list items. However, you may mark your monetary donations to be used to purchase specific items. Donors / memorials will be appropriately identified on all suitable items.

There are many ways you can contribute to Bethesda Home’s Mission:

Donating cash / check gifts – (does your employer give matching gifts to charitable institutions?)
Make donations payable to:  Bethesda Home
Bring in your donation personally or send to:
408-413 East Main
PO Box 37
Goessel, KS  67053

On-Line Gifts
We use PayPal to accept online donations via credit card or bank draft. Please note:  donations through PayPal are subject to their processing fees which will result in the net gift to Bethesda approximately 3% less than your gross gift. You may choose to donate to Bethesda Home, in general, using this button:

Bethesda Home

You may also designate your gift for a specific goal at Bethesda Home:

Bethesda Home
Benevolent Care Fund
Bethesda Home
Nursing Care Equipment

Electronic Fund Transfer
Download and complete the EFT form and return it to the mailing address above.

Memorial and honorarium gifts
Families frequently choose Bethesda to receive memorial or honorarium gifts and families can designate those gifts are to specific causes. We can provide families with options to consider.

All monetary donations are tax deductible and if you provide your contact information with your donation, we will send you a receipt.

Dillons Reward Program (no cost to participant, but generates a contribution from Dillons) – just enroll once – choose Bethesda as the charity of choice and swipe your Plus Card when you shop.

Keith’s Foods
4% of every dollar comes back to Bethesda Home when purchasing $50 gift cards at the store, Bethesda Home, Crossroads Credit Union, or The Citizens State Bank in Goessel.

Learn more about these community rewards programs here.

Donating non-cash gifts
Did you know an estimated 90% of America’s wealth is in non-cash assets – yet the majority of ministries received less than half of their gifts from these assets.  The reason is because they are not set up to accept non-cash gifts.  Bethesda Home has partnered with Everence (Mennonite Foundation) to allow donors to gift a variety of non-cash gifts. Please follow the link to a wealth of educational information that may help you discern how you might build up God’s kingdom through generous and planned giving.

  • Farm Commodities (grain, livestock, etc.)
  • Life income plans
  • Gift annuities
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Pooled income fund
  • Donor advised fund (charitable gift fund)
  • Gifts of stock
  • Gifts of personal property (farm machinery, cars, coin collections, etc.)
  • Gifts of real estate
  • Giving thru life insurance – naming Bethesda as beneficiary or owner of policy
  • Charitable lead trust
  • and more…

Click here to learn more about non-cash donation options to Bethesda Home through our partner, Everence.

Estate Planning
Include Bethesda Home in your final wishes, blessing others in your community for years to come. Contact Pete Flaming to learn more about various tools for giving a gift that keeps on giving. Email or call 620-367-2291 for more information.

We appreciate donations of your time, which we recognize is very precious. Volunteering at Bethesda Home can be a truly rewarding experience, for our facility, our residents, and our volunteers!