Treat yourself with the opportunity to scale down your responsibilities and not your lifestyle! While your mind and body are strong and able, consider giving independent duplex living a try.

Our duplex residents say it best:

“You just need to let go of your assets and enjoy life in the later years without having to worry about yard care, repair work, etc. Your health is much more important than the material things you have.”

“We were able to make the decision together while we were both still in good health. It gave us a feeling that we made a decision for our future. Now that my husband is gone, it is much easier on me.”

“Don’t wait until you are 80 years old or more. Move in earlier so you can enjoy duplex living for a number of years.”

“We didn’t want to move twice – to a home in town then into a duplex – so we chose the duplex right away. We have never been sorry we did!”