The Mennonite Bethesda Society, Inc. was established in 1899 by Dr. Peter Richert and several groups of Mennonites who were concerned about providing quality long-term health care for their local elders in need. Bethesda was the first Mennonite healthcare facility west of the Mississippi River to serve a multistate area. Throughout its 115 year history, the institution has been known as “Bethesda Hospital and Home.” Since the closing of the hospital in 1983 it is simply called “Bethesda Home.”

Community members have demonstrated their strong desire to have the Bethesda Home in their area through their financial and volunteer support. Bethesda’s 50-75 timelogging volunteers care for the frail and elderly within the Bethesda campus, allowing an extra $15,000-20,000 annually to be budgeted towards meeting resident needs.

The major focus of Bethesda’s mission continues to be to provide compassionate, affordable, high quality care and housing to the frail, elderly and retired. From its founding in 1899 by the Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church immigrants and other Mennonite Church groups to their descendants today, gifts have enabled the organization to continue to provide quality health care service to the Goessel community.

If you would like to volunteer or donate to improve our residents quality of life contact us at (620) 367–2291 and/or fill out our volunteer form here.